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Welcome to Kinship of the Chosen
Welcome to the Kinship of the Chosen. We are a casual kinship found on the Brandywine Server of Lord of the Rings Online.
Avielle / May 22, 2012
Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out this forum post. Recently, KoTC has had an influx of members—wonderful people—and this post is to enlighten and refresh everyone’s understanding of the core “values” of our kinship. These ideas were taken from the kinship’s charter, which can be found here: Charter, and they reflect what our kinship was founded upon. Again, thank you for reading!

The Kinship of the Chosen is considered a family oriented kinship. The age of our members covers a wide range, and because of this, it is important that our kinship chat channel remains family oriented. In order to prevent incidents, we want to keep the kinship chat channel free of profane language and questionable conversing.

In a fellowship? On a raid run? Sending tells? Say whatever you like, but please keep questionable content from kinship chat and kinship organized runs. Thank you!

In addition to being family oriented, KoTC strives to be a place where everyone is welcome. We want to create an environment that reflects a Middle-Earth family, of sorts! Malicious comments and cruel behavior toward other kin members does not reflect this goal, and it won’t be tolerated.

This doesn’t mean one must agree with everyone’s views or opinions, but it does mean that we must all respect one another. Feel like saying something negative toward a kinnie? Just say it out loud to yourself instead :]

While these issues have never been prevalent, it has been decided that KoTC officers will step up and help keep an eye on the contents of kinchat. If the conversation oversteps boundaries, an officer may simply ask that the topic be changed. We don’t want drama or incident, but we do want to provide a safe, clean, fun environment for gamers of all ages in KoTC.

The final section of the charter is an important one, so I have decided to repost it directly here:

“No one is expected to get along with everyone all the time. Arguments and misunderstandings are inevitable. Should you find yourself in such a situation, we ask you please do the following:

•Take the altercation to private tells or fellowship chat.
•Log the altercation.
•Inform any Officer of what is happening and allow them to mediate the disagreement.
•Have patience. The Officer may bring in other Officers for advice or consensus on the problem.”

Finally, thanks to everyone who has made this kinship the wonderful place that it is! And to our new members, we are so happy you have joined us! Let’s continue to have fun together in Middle-Earth!

(Avielle, Pinette, Rosswyn, Cileste, Denaeries, Ellendra, and Veia.)

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